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Legislative Update

West Virginia School Nutrition Association

VISION: The vision of the West Virginia School Nutrition Association, the voice of child nutrition, is that all children in West Virginia have access to healthy meals and nutrition education; therefore, enhancing their physical and mental well-being for a lifetime.

MISSION: Members of the West Virginia School Nutrition Association (WVSNA) are the primary advocates for quality school nutrition programs in the State. While working towards goals to insure children have access to nutritious meals during the course of the school day, the Association also serves the membership by providing the following services: Training/ education, most current information, professional standards, networking opportunities, scholarships.

In addition, the Association reaches beyond the school-age child to benefit parents, teachers, administrators and the general public.

Urgent message - Your opinion is Valued


An Open Letter to the Board of Directors of the School Nutrition Association (SNA) from Concerned SNA Members:


We, the undersigned members of the SNA, respectfully urge the Board of Directors to withdraw support for any provision in Agriculture Appropriations or other legislation that would waive school nutrition standards. We are deeply concerned that the reputation of our organization and its members are being damaged by the ongoing requests to weaken or waive school nutrition standards. While we agree that some aspects of the updates to the standards are challenging, we favor targeted and constructive solutions that do not involve Congress waiving school meal or snack standards. We urge the Board to work with USDA and other stakeholders to identify and adopt solutions to challenges encountered by school food professionals.. We also encourage SNA to work with USDA to pair districts, which are succeeding, with those that are struggling in order to assist districts in continuing to move forward. Thank you for your consideration of our concerns. We stand ready to support you as you identify practical and long-term solutions that serve both the needs of school districts and the health of our schoolchildren.
If you agree, please SIGN your name below and also SHARE this letter's link ( with your SNA colleagues. This letter may only be signed by current or former SNA members and must be signed no later than November 30, 2014.
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